Huntingdon County Career & Technology Center

CDL Drive Time Program

CDL Test Prep Sessions:

            These sessions are designed to assist with participants who need to refresh on a small amount of driving skills in preparation for the CDL exam. Instructor will tailor your on the road driving time to the specific skills that you need. This is designed to be completed in 24 hours.  If you feel that you need a longer course we encourage you to enroll in our Commercial Truck Driving program which is 200 hours.


CDL Drive Time Sessions:

            These sessions are designed for individuals that have already received their Commercial Driver’s License but are struggling with finding employment do to a minimum required drive time hours before hiring. This is designed to simply provide minimal instruction with longer drive time opportunities.


Prospective Participants must first present the following:

·         Valid PA Driver’s License

·         Valid Medical Examiner’s Card

·         Valid CDL Permit for CDL Test Prep Sessions

o    OR

·         Valid CDL license for CDL Drive Time Hours Sessions

Total Program Hours - 24 Hours 

        Pre - Trip Assesssment -            2    Hours 

        Maneuver Review -                     6     Hours 

        On the Road Driving-                 10   Hours

        Testing                                            6    Hours




Registration Fees:                            $   40.00

           *Criminal Clearance

            *DMV Report

 Tuition/Instructional Costs:     $1685.00

 Certifications:                                 $275.00 

        *CDL Testing

 Total Tuition and Fees: $ 2000.00


Additional Required Items – at the cost of the student

Valid PA Drivers License

DOT Medical Examiners Certificate

Please contact the Adult Education Coordinator for more information and to get registered.

    HCCTC                                                               (814)643-0951 Ext 1016

    11893 Technology Drive                           

    Mill Creek, PA 17060