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Cosmetology Program Information Sheet

1250 hour program

Registration Fee (Includes Criminal Clearance)

Campus Fee (Includes ID Badge and 3 Campus Shirts)

Tuition/Instructional Costs

Certifications (State Board License Testing) 


Required Tool Kit – Provided by School ( Program Cosmetology Kit)

Total Tuition and Fees: $ 10465.00

Additional Required Items – at the cost of the student

  • PA Child Abuse Clearance
  • FBI Fingerprinting Clearance

Cosmetology CIP 11.0901 Curriculum and Course Hours


Total Hours 1250

Classroom/Lecture Hrs.

250 clock =25 credits  

Shop/Lab Hrs.

1000 clock =50 credits


Returning secondary students will be required to pay a rate of $8 per hour to complete the 1250 hours required to be permitted to take the State Board License exam.

Students must meet the following requirements

  •  Successful pass a minimum of one year secondary training
  • Submit a PA Criminal Clearance and Adult Application for approval
  •  Sign a payment and hours contract with the Adult Education Office
  •  Student understands they are a returning adult and will conduct themselves according to adult policies.

Any additional costs (Hair Shows, New toolkits, updated textbooks, Boards) will be the responsibility of the returning student.