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First Computer Networking Post

Welcome to the Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center’s Computer Networking class Blog. After an OAC member asked what we were learning in the classroom, I was thinking, I need to get copies of the curriculum to OAC members and somehow show how I am teaching topics. Then it dawned on me to just do a blog of student’s work and what topics we are going over. This blog is not only for OAC members but also, and maybe more importantly, for the community. 

I hope to reach the goal of having a weekly, strictly student-driven, blog to highlight what we do in this class. For the moment, everything you see in this blog will be student-created content and I only edit out names and identifying information. 

For the past month, I have been collecting video captures of students learning to update Operating Systems and Firmware, set up backups, and disassemble laptops. Below are a few of the videos and screenshots of students completing these tasks.

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First Computer Networking Post